Jason Bonham Says Robert Plant Didn’t Recall Meeting Sammy Hagar

In a recent interview with Eddie Trunk, Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s son Jason spoke about his private dinners with Robert Plant. He revealed a part of their conversation where Plant didn’t recall meeting The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, although he had met him several times.

Jason Bonham is trying to continue his father’s legacy even though the Led Zeppelin members are not eager to do a full reunion. For his love towards the band and their work, he created his own tribute band and has been touring to reminiscence the talents of Led Zeppelin, after getting the blessing of the rest of the band members.

Aside from the Led Zeppelin projects, Jason has a personal relationship with the members of Led Zeppelin, and he comes together with them every once in a while for quality time. While recording in Nashville with Sammy Hagar once, he met Plant to have dinner with him to recall the old times. Plant wanted to make sure his late friend’s son was doing well. Showing his support for his projects, he asked him what he was up to recently.

When Jason said that he was currently working with Sammy Hagar, Plant stated that he doesn’t know who Hagar is, which came off strange because, according to Jason, they met a couple of times before. It’s not clear whether this was a sarcastic comment or Plant really didn’t know who Hagar was.

Here is the story as told by Jason Bonham:

“As they’re in England most of the time, no, but we were in Nashville recording with The Circle, and Mr. Plant was in town. We were doing press for his record, and we spoke about it. He said, ‘What you got there?’ And before I go any further, I’ll say I had an amazing week.

I was still working with Sammy and The Circle in the studio, and then in the evening, I’d go sit with Robert, just the two of us with my wife, and just go over old stories and laugh and cry. We hadn’t had any interactions like that in a very long time, so I did bring up the – he said, ‘What are you up to?’ I said, ‘Well, I play with this guy, Sammy Hagar,‘ and he was like, ‘Sammy what? I haven’t met him.’

And I went, ‘I think you have, several times.’ Then he’d go, ‘Okay, and?’, and of course, I’ll be doing my other thing, and he goes, ‘Don’t look at me with those eyes and go, ‘The other thing,’ you mean with Zeppelin?’ He goes, ‘Good on you, just make sure you do it with honesty and love because that’s how you have to do it.’ It was a very cool moment.”

There seems to have been a bit of tension between Plant and Hagar recently. Previously, Hagar had mentioned that he was sick and tired of replacing people in bands, and he doesn’t want to do that anymore. However, if he noted that if ever had the chance to sing with Led Zeppelin, he would love to do it, yet, not when Robert Plant is alive.