James LaBrie Shares The Dream Theater Songs He Can’t Sing Anymore

Dream Theater’s James LaBrie recently shared with Revolver the tracks that are not so pleasant to sing anymore with his naturally aging voice. The singer revealed that their 1992 breakout LP ‘Images and Words,’ especially one track within, is more challenging than he would like to admit. He expressed:

“Well, anything of ‘Images and Words’ is mildly unpleasant because I can’t sing like that anymore. I can’t sing in the stratosphere. [Those songs are from] 30 years ago. I’ll alter the melodies to fit into what my voice is these days, but I still love those songs. But for me to do ‘Another Day’ and sing that whole last verse and chorus, it’s like, yeah right!”

He clarified that even though he gives his best shot during their three hour headlining shows, his vocals aren’t as crisp as they once were. The rocker added:

“Any of the songs that I find extremely challenging would be from before I ruptured my vocal cords, anything that was [recorded] before December 30th, 1994. Before I did that, I was able to sing up in those higher registers, and it was nothing for me. It was effortless.”

James also admitted that even if he can’t reach the same register as his early days, he still makes the most of his performances. He continued:

“But I still do fondly look at those songs from those albums. But I’d say that it’s more about the beauty of singing songs from any era… because I’ll just alter the melodies to make it work and still enjoy the vibe and still enjoy what the song represents to us, and to the fans.”

You can read James LaBrie’s interview with Revolver here and listen to ‘Another Day’ below.