James Hetfield Announces His New Partnership With Drew Estate

Metallica frontman James Hetfield recently announced his new collaboration with Drew Estate for the project Blackened Cigars ‘M81’ and detailed the process to the Revolver.

James Hetfield has managed to impress millions with his voice and guitar playing throughout his career spanning 40 years. The musician who has acquired a permanent place in the metal scene has now decided to embark on a new project as an entrepreneur, and he recently announced his partnership for a new cigar this time.

Drew Estate has developed a new cigar with the contributions of Hetfield and Blackened Whiskey distiller Rob Dietrich. Blackened initially occurred as a collaboration between Metallica and the master distiller Dave Pickerell in 2018. After Pickerell’s passing, Dietrich joined the pair, and they are now preparing a new product for their fellow cigar enthusiasts.

In a recent interview, the Metallica icon stated that he is very content to be a part of this partnership. He said he would enjoy cigars with his friend Dietrich who introduced him to the founder of Drew Estate, Jonathan Drew. Later, the trio began to share their views on a cigar’s taste and appearance. As the singer mentioned, they ultimately created the Blackened ‘M81’ cigar, and he especially enjoys its Maduro leaf taste. He also expressed his excitement about introducing it to people.

James Hetfield said the following:

“It is really a fun social thing for me, a fellowship, to have a few buddies sitting around with a few sticks. My buddy Rob Dietrich, Blackened’s master distiller, and I frequently enjoy cigars together, and he introduced me to Jonathan from Drew Estate.

The three of us connected and shared each other’s vision and story about where we’ve been, what we like to see, and what is important to us now, and we all came up with what a Blackened ‘M81’ cigar would look like and taste like. I love the Maduro leaf, and I’m super excited for everyone to try this.”

Blackened American Whiskey recently shared an Instagram post featuring a promotional video for the cigar. James Hetfield also appeared in the advertisement video showing how he enjoyed their new product. The handmade Maduro cigars will hit the shelves of preferred retailers this December.