Jack White Says Re-Editing Prince’s Album ‘Camille’ Doesn’t Go Against His Will

Former White Stripes singer Jack White recently spoke to Daily Star’s Wired column about his re-edited version of Prince‘s ‘Camille’ and claimed his work was not against the musician’s will.

In April, Jack White revealed that he had crossed paths with Prince at a show featuring Zoë Kravitz and his former wife Karen Elson’s the Citizens Band. At that time, they chatted about music and guitar playing, and Prince gave him a piece of precious advice, ‘No one would tell him how to play the guitar, so he should find his style.’

Moreover, Prince praised Jack White’s song ‘Another Way To Die,’ which the former White Stripes singer produced for ‘Quantum Of Solace,’ the 2008 James Bond film. Recently, White revealed his plans to re-edit and release Prince’s long-lost solo effort, ‘Camille,’ which he had intended to drop under his feminine alter ego with an altered, female-sounding voice.

Jack White’s Third Man Records achieved the rights to release ‘Camille,’ and the singer announced the plans after paying around $50,000 for a test pressing. Besides, Prince’s estate supported their plans to release the record as a complete body of work. Recently, White gave more details about the process in an interview with Daily Star’s Wired column.

White said that they were able to re-edit ‘Camille’ as planned. He then stated Prince changed his mind about the record before releasing it, but he thinks this effort doesn’t go against Prince’s will. According to White, the late musician released songs from this album on different recordings, so he didn’t want them to get lost and disappear.

As reported by Music News, Jack White said the following:

“We are able to re-edit it as it was originally planned. So that is great news. It’s very difficult to confirm because Prince changed his mind about ‘Camille’ when he was about to release it. But I don’t think releasing it goes against his will because he ended up issuing many of the songs on different recordings over the years. It’s not like he didn’t want them to see the light of day.”

So, it seems Jack White believes re-editing and releasing ‘Camille’ is nothing Prince would oppose. Although fans are excited to listen to the outcome, no release date has yet been announced.