Jack Black Describes His Feelings On The 20th Anniversary Of ‘School Of Rock’

‘School of Rock’ star Jack Black looked back on the film on its 20th anniversary during a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight and stated that it was certainly the ‘highlight’ of his career.

In the comedy movie ‘School of Rock,’ released in 2003, Jack Black stars as the leading character, who tries to turn a group of prep school students into a rock band. His character, Dewey Finn, is hired as a substitute teacher in a prep school, and then he realizes that some of the children in the class have musical talent. Thus, he forms a band and prepares the group for the upcoming Battle of the Bands contest.

The film was quite successful at the box office and became a cult movie in the rock community. Jack Black was highly praised for his acting and even received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in Musical or Comedy. The movie had a significant impact on his acting career. Next year will officially mark the film’s 20th anniversary, and the actor was asked about it during the recent interview.

Jack Black described ‘School of Rock’ as the ‘highlight’ of his acting career and said he had great memories during the filming process. Working with all those kids was entertaining for him, and he only has good memories of the film. The actor expressed his gratitude by saying he felt lucky to be a part of it. It is undoubtedly one of his most memorable roles, taking his acting skills to another level.

When asked about the 20th anniversary of ‘School of Rock,’ Jack Black replied:

“My best memories are just that group of kids and how funny and great they were. It’s definitely the highlight of my career. I can say that honestly.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.