Is Kid Rock The New Face Of Bud Campaign?

Kid Rock got grilled by Fox News about his seeming change of heart about Bud Light. This came after the rapper wore a hat with the beer brand’s logo on TV.

Kid Rock slammed Bud Light in April 2023 for teaming up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Bud Light had sent Mulvaney a special crate of beer to celebrate her first year living openly as a woman, which didn’t sit well with many Bud Light fans and Kid Rock.

When asked about the controversy and if he changed his mind during the recent interview, he answered:

“This is a cool hat. We’ve got bigger targets. I mean, when you look at Planet Fitness, what are they doing? Ben & Jerry’s? I don’t want to put any targets on people’s back. I’ve talked to dudes from Bud Light and they messed up. It’s too bad they just won’t say it, like, ‘Hey we messed up a little bit,’ whatever. But that’s not how they are cut. I got my answer and I don’t wanna hurt people’s jobs and stuff like that when they don’t have a dog in a fight but there’s a whole lot more coming we should be going after for sure.”

Kid Rock Didn’t ‘Boycott’ Bud Light

The rapper got fired up when Bud Light partnered with Mulvaney. It caused a stir, and there’s even footage of Kid Rock shooting at cases of Bud Light with a gun. In the video, the singer wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap and joked that he was ‘feeling a little frisky today.’ Then, he pulled out a small rifle and took shots at three cases of Bud Light near a lake.

In a later chat with Joe Rogan, he referred to it as a ‘tantrum with a machine gun.’

Months after this, he was caught drinking the company’s beer. When asked about it, he said he never boycotted the brand:

“If someone wants to be trans, I didn’t rip that kid. I said, ‘F U guys.’ I didn’t even say boycott or cancel. I said, ‘F U.’ I said, ‘What are you doing, injecting yourself into this conversation, this polarizing social issues?’ I was like, ‘You can be doing so much more positive stuff, just making us laugh and drink beer.'”

You can see the recent interview below.