Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith Explains The Difficult Part Of Playing Bass Guitar

Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith spoke in a recent interview with Guitarist Magazine and revealed the most difficult part of playing the bass guitar.

Even though most people would fascinate by the insane guitar solos or riffs, crazy vocals, and dynamic drums, bass sounds are the key factors of having a great song.

However, the bass guitarists don’t get credit as the other members did. In the conversation with Guitarist Magazine, the iconic guitarist Adrian shared his experience with playing bass guitar.

According to Adrian, the most difficult part of playing the bass guitar is that you can not hear what you are playing all the time and said that it almost you are playing in the dark.

Here is what Adrian Smith said:

“The few times I’ve jammed on bass it’s very difficult because you can’t always hear what you’re playing. It’s a boomy bottom-end, it’s like you’re playing in the dark.”

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