Gene Simmons Says Both Main Political Parties In U.S. Are Lacking In Human Dignity And Honor

Gene Simmons, who is the bass guitarist and co-founder of KISS, revealed his political thoughts by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account.

One of the fans of Gene wondered if he was Republican or Democrat and asked this question to the iconic bass guitarist. However, the answer may not be the one everybody would expect.

In the tweet, Gene revealed that he is neither a Republican nor Democrat even though he voted for Joe Biden in the last election and criticized both of these parties by saying that they are both lacking in human dignity and honesty.

Afterward, Gene mentioned that he is voting on the issues and problems the country is facing and said that non of the politicians or political parties are the criteria to vote for.

A fan of Gene asked:

“Gene, I have tried to talk to you many times asking you the same question, are you Republican or Democrat?”

Gene Simmons replied:

“I am neither a Republican nor Democrat. I find both parties sorely lacking in human dignity and honesty. I vote on issues. Not politicians. And certainly not political parties.”

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