Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Details Overcoming One Of His Greatest Weaknesses

A songwriter is also a storyteller, and that’s what Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds does at his best. As it turns out, Reynolds believes writing a song is the instinctual process of showing his weaknesses with metaphors. In a recent interview with Variety, the singer revealed that he overcame one of his greatest fragile sides by writing lyrics.

Imagine Dragons worked with the renowned producer Rick Rubin for their latest effort, the double album ‘Mercury — Acts 1 & 2.’ While Dan Reynolds was struggling to reflect his emotions and personal experiences through songs, Rubin helped him bravely show his honest feelings. As a result, the singer felt more comfortable showing one of his biggest weaknesses —vulnerability.

“Rick really pushed me to evolve as a lyricist,” Dan Reynolds admitted. “I’m a really private person and have a hard time being vulnerable. That was one of my greatest weaknesses. As the years went by, I’d see that I was hiding behind a wall of metaphors.”

“The last thing I wanted my parents to know was that I was dealing with a faith crisis or depression,” Reynolds continued, revealing he had to hide his struggle with religious concerns when he was a young songwriter. The rocker then noted, “Rick wants honesty, so I’d say this was by far the most honest record.”

The singer then added, saying he reflected on his grief in ‘Mercury — Acts 1 & 2,’ “Going through something like that makes you want to be more vulnerable. It makes you take every song more seriously, be more raw and authentic, in case it can give any value to someone else who’s grieving.”

So, Dan Reynolds argued that ‘Mercury — Acts 1 & 2’ is Imagine Dragons’ most honest record, thanks to Rick Rubin. As he lost his close friend to suicide and his sister-in-law to cancer before writing this album, being more open about these subjects helped the singer show his vulnerable side to the fans.