Incubus’ Brandon Boyd On Mike Patton’s Impossible Transition From Screaming To Opera

It’s not the first time Incubus’ Brandon Boyd made a nod to Mr. Bungle, a.k.a Mike Patton, as an influence not only on his singing abilities but also his sound. Here’s what he had to say to The Jasta Show about Patton’s voice he’s yet to figure out:

“Some of the people that taught me how to sing whether they knew it or not were like Chris Cornell, Mike Patton, Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Lane Staley; it’s like there’s a handful of people across the spectrum. I’ve even toured with Mike; we toured with Faith No More. We toured with Mr. Bungle.”

Boyd had a front-row seat to Patton’s singing when they attended the 2015 Soundwave music festival in Australia alongside Faith No More. However, he still couldn’t figure out how Mike controlled his voice; he added:

“I would watch them every night, and I just never, as far as like technique is concerned, I never understood how he was able to transition between the two things to scream like a like a f*cking Banshee and then sing like sort of almost like operatically never understood it.”

Despite not understanding Mike’s vocal range, Brandon had mentioned the rocker as one of their inspirations to Metal Hammer last fall by stating:

“We were just kids being influenced by a small handful of bands that we grew up with. Just to name a few: Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mr. Bungle, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Firehose…”

You can watch the interview below and can read the Metal Hammer interview here.