Iggy Pop Admits Having Vocal Problems And Postpones Shows To ‘Protect’ His Voice

Iggy Pop announced that he had to change two concert dates as a part of his latest European tour via a post on his official Facebook Page. The musician explained why he needed to do that by highlighting his current condition after Athens and made a promise to his longtime fans.

The Godfather of Punk released his eighteenth studio album ‘Free’ on September 6, 2019, and famous instrumentalists Noveller and Leron Thomas collaborated with the singer for the record. It got critical acclaim and became renowned as another Iggy Pop classic. The fans listened to the record’s tracks ‘James Bond,’ ‘Dirty Sanchez,’ and ‘Glow in the Dark’ a lot worldwide, but he couldn’t have much chance to promote it.

A year after the release, the COVID-19 outbreak made people spend too much time at their homes for their and others’ health. Thus, the musicians couldn’t perform their concerts and didn’t have any choice but to cancel them. Recently, Iggy Pop began their tour, and his latest gig was on July 2 in Athens, Greece. The vocalist admitted that he pushed himself too hard.

Thus, he postponed the Mantova concert from July 5 to August 30 at the Esedra of Palazzo Te, while his upcoming Vienna performance would change from July 7 to September 2 at the Vienna Konserthus. The main reason behind that decision was to give his voice some time to recover, and he added that he loved his fans, but it’s an obligation for his health. Pop promised that he would come back in his best version.

In the Facebook post, Pop detailed the situation:

“If you were there, I croaked my way through my last show on July 2 in Athens, Greece, and my voice is still recovering. I must postpone my next show in Mantova, Italy July 5. I have not taken this decision lightly. I love my fans. But I must protect my voice. I’m sorry, but I’ll come back and make it up to you.”

You can check out his latest concert below.