How Tom Morello Convinced Bruce Springsteen And Eddie Vedder To Cover AC/DC

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello recalled the time when he covered AC/DC with Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder during a recent appearance on Revolver.

Tom Morello was playing with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band back in 2014 during their shows in Australia, and one night, they decided to cover ‘Highway To Hell’ along with Eddie Vedder. In his recent conversation, Tom explained how they decided to play the song and said that they were in Perth, Australia at that time, which is the hometown of AC/DC’s legendary late singer Bon Scott.

Therefore, he decided to pay tribute to Bon by visiting his grave. After praying for his soul, Tom went back to the hotel and told Bruce that he wanted to play a cover of AC/DC. Later on, they started to rehearse for ‘Highway To Hell.’ Then, Morello realized that Eddie Vedder was on his solo tour and had come to the show, and the idea suddenly came into his mind.

He rushed into Bruce’s dressing room and suggested Bruce to open with ‘Highway To Hell’ along with Eddie. As Tom pointed out, it would be awesome to open with such a legendary song that is considered a national anthem now, which is one of the reasons why Bruce accepted without even thinking about it.

Here’s how Tom Morello convinced Bruce Springsteen to cover ‘Highway To Hell’:

“I was on tour with the E-Street band in 2004, and we were playing in Perth, Australia, the home of Bon Scott, where there is literally a highway to hell, there’s a stretch of highway known as ‘the highway to hell,’ which Bon Scott traveled on when he was in his small hometown outside of Perth.

The pub where he and his mates got wasted was called ‘The Highway to Hell.’ So I wanted to pay my respects to Bon Scott, so I went to the graveyard in Perth at about 11 o’clock at night.

Later that night in the hotel bar, I see Bruce, I’m like, ‘Do you think that there’s a way that the E-Street Band and AC/DC might overlap?‘ And he’s like, ‘Never really thought about that before but I’ll think about it tonight.'”

He continued:

“So we began rehearsing ‘Highway To Hell’ at soundchecks and then we found ourselves in this huge Melbourne soccer stadium, and  Eddie better happened to be in town. He was there on a solo tour like an acoustic solo tour. He was at the show, and the light bulb went off.

I knocked on Bruce’s dressing room door, I said ‘Bruce we are in Australia, where AC/DC is king, where the song ‘Highway To Hell’ is the unofficial national anthem of rock and roll liberation in this entire country.

What if we open the show with ‘Highway To Hell’ with Eddie Vedder?’ and he was like that sounds like a good idea…”

You can check out the conversation below.