How The Beatles’ Ringo Starr Keeps John Lennon’s Legacy Alive By Using Social Media


The Beatles’ iconic drummer Ringo Starr is one of the most influential figures in the rock world and although he recently turned 81, he’s still an active figure in the rock scene. On top of that, he’s an active social media user and often uses his Instagram account to both announce his upcoming projects and share some positive vibes.

Starr has been quite productive since the outbreak of the pandemic and back in December 2020, he released his new book ‘RINGO ROCKS: 30 YEARS OF THE ALL STARRS,’ and the books were sold out in just a couple of months. He also released a brand new EP on March 19 and will release another one around October.

However, today we’re going to talk about his online presence which can be seen as a tribute to John Lennon. For those of you who may not know, it was John Lennon who insisted that they hire Ringo Starr as Beatles’ drummer. They had had the chance to play together in Germany at the beginning of the ’60s when Ringo was in another band.

However, shortly after that, the band members and mainly John Lennon began insisting that they should hire Ringo as he would be the perfect addition, and his wish was ultimately fulfilled. John Lennon’s passing was heartbreaking for many but even harder for his loved ones, such as his bandmates.

Following his death, it seems like Ringo took over John Lennon’s fight for peace as he stresses the importance of love and peace every chance he gets. If you have a look into Ringo Starr’s Instagram account, he ends all of his posts with ‘Peace and Love,’ and bearing in mind the strong bond that they had with John Lennon, it could be said that he continues his legacy.