Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy Says Paul Rodgers Is The Best Singer In Rock And Roll History

During the interview on the podcast ‘The Jasta Show,’ Alter Bridge’s singer and guitarist Myles Kennedy has revealed that he considers Paul Rodgers as the greatest rock and roll singer of all time.

Being a band member in Alter Bridge and also Slash’s backing band Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators, musician Myles Kennedy is one of the busiest rock personas. He has made both live and studio appearances with several artists, and was involved in several other projects throughout his career. Along with that, he has also been pursuing a solo career with his 2018 debut album ‘Year Of The Tiger’ and its recent follow-up ‘The Ides of March’ which was released on May 14, 2021.

During the podcast, Myles was asked who he thinks is the best singer in rock and roll history. He responded to this question by saying that although the question is so hard, he is a big fan of Paul Rodgers from Bad Company adding that he is such a good singer that he can sing the phone book.

Myles’ answer was that:

“Oh, that’s so hard, that’s so subjective. I can tell you people who I really love – I’m a big Paul Rodgers fan – from Bad Company. I think that guy can sing the phone book and I’m in. So much soul, so good.”

Myles then talked about the underrated Ted Nugent member who sang on Nugent’s ‘Stranglehold,’ and stated that he thinks he is really great. After being asked, he revealed his favorite song from Alter Bridge as well, which is ‘Blackbird.’