How Michael Jackson Tried To Mimic Elvis Presley’s Life, Ex-Girlfriend Stephanie Mills Details

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are timeless figures in music history, but it seems Jackson saw something enviable in Presley’s life. Speaking to VladTV’s Shawn Prez, the King of Pop’s former girlfriend, Stephanie Mills, revealed that Michael tried to mimic what Elvis did in his life.

Elvis Presley was a music icon and a highly influential figure throughout his career. His unique stage apparel, showmanship, and singing talents earned him the nickname ‘The King of Rock and Roll.’ Sadly, Elvis passed away in 1977, leaving his throne to the King of Pop: Michael Jackson.

MJ emerged on the scene and made a breakthrough several years after Elvis’ passing. Like the rock icon, he made a name for himself in the scene as the King of Pop. According to Jackson’s former girlfriend, Stephanie Mills, he decided to call himself King of Pop because he wanted to be like Presley.

Stephanie Mills told VladTV that Michael Jackson dated many women as a career move because he wanted to live a certain way. As Mills said, MJ wanted to dominate the pop music world, and he wanted a title like Elvis Presley had. So, she argues he tried to mimic him and called himself the King of Pop.

In the interview, Stephanie Mills said the following about Michael Jackson:

“He wanted to be a certain way and lived his life the way he wanted to. He liked a certain type of woman and thought that it would be best for him in his career to be with certain types of women.”

Looking back on Michael Jackson’s past relationships, Mills recalled:

“He took Madonna to the Oscars one time. I don’t think they dated, but they went out that time.”

When the interviewer told her if that was a career move, she explained:

“Yes. I think that he felt he would be more accepted in the world that he wanted to go in and dominate. I believe that he felt that.”

Asked if MJ wanted to dominate the world of pop music, Stephanie Mills continued:

“Absolutely. That’s why he decided to call himself the King of Pop because Elvis Presley was the king of rock and roll. So, he wanted a title like that. He wanted to live that kind of lifestyle — he wanted to be that type of artist, so he made himself look the part that he felt would get over, that he would become a huge star.”

So, Stephanie Mills believes that Michael Jackson wanted to achieve what Elvis Presley got in his life by calling himself the King of Pop. According to Elton John, this wasn’t the only thing that MJ and Presley got in common— Michael also lost touch with reality as Elvis did.