How Did Eddie Van Halen Spend His Last Two Years, Wolfgang Shares The Details

During a recent interview with Telegraph, Wolfgang Van Halen talked about his relationship with his father and opened up about Eddie Van Halen’s final two years following his stage four lung cancer diagnosis in 2017.

As you know, October 6, 2020, was a sorrowful day for the rock world and the Van Halen family. It was the day that the rock legend and cancer warrior Eddie Van Halen passed away and his death was hard on his friends and fans but even harder for his loving family. Wolf was highly affected by his dads passing and was quite vocal about the sorrow that he felt.

While Eddie was still battling cancer and his health status kept getting worse, Wolf channeled his feelings of sadness and despair in his music. He wrote ‘Distance‘ after trying to imagine what his life would be like without his father and bandmate. After his father’s loss, Wolf released his debut single ‘Distance’ on November 16 as a tribute to Eddie.

During his recent interview, Wolf opened up about the last two years that he had with Eddie. He said that although they had some good times before 2017 despite his father’s health issues, his health started deteriorating after 2017 when he got diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

However, his health took a ‘nosedive’ towards the end of 2019 when there were ‘so many different health issues stacked on top of each other,’ and Eddie fought to survive every day. Wolf recalls thinking that he always knew he’d have to take care of his parents when he got older but he never expected it to be so soon.

Here’s what Wolfgang said during the interview:

“He was diagnosed with lung cancer. We got some good, liveable years, but that was the beginning, I would say. It really didn’t take a turn for the worst until the end of 2019. There were still positive moments in between, but that’s when it took a nosedive. So many different health issues stacked on top of each other. He just buckled under the weight of it all.

When you grow up you always know, ‘One day I’ll have to take care of the parent,’ but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. While it was happening I was like, ‘OK, it’ll happen later,’ but little did I know I was already in the middle of it.”

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