How David Coverdale Made Millions Of Dollars Over His Divorces

In the history of rock music, many successful artists ended up being legends with their talented musicianship. Although most of them rose to prominence with their music career, they also gained attraction for their charming physical attributes. Due to that, they had many affairs, relationships, and marriages throughout their life. David Coverdale was also a charismatic frontman and had a tumultuous private life.

In 1974, he married Julia Borkowski, and the couple had a daughter named Jessica in 1978. After they got divorced, Coverdale began dating former model and actress Tawny Kitaen. The couple married in 1989 but divorced two years later. Being a successful artist with a remarkable net worth, Coverdale knew how to make money from these divorces.

David Coverdale Got His Millons Back After Divorce

In October 2016, David Coverdale spoke to Classic Rock, answering questions about his personal life. Coverdale revealed that he wasted millions on promo videos and divorces when it came to his most enormous waste of money. However, the singer knew how to get back all of that money.

Coverdale revealed that his divorces cost millions of dollars for him, but they also generated a significant amount of money. He stated that he wrote about his divorces, which helped him make that money back. So, with the help of media attention and his successful music career, Coverdale managed to get more money than he spent on divorces.

In the interview, Classic Rock asked David Coverdale the following:

“What was your biggest waste of money?”

Coverdale then responded:

“Oh, I’ve wasted millions on promo videos and divorces. Fortunately, they generated significantly more coming back. I wrote about my divorces and made that money back, so it’s swings and roundabouts. I’m a Yorkshireman, for Christ’s sake. We can peel bananas in our pockets.”

The success of the songs he wrote about his relationships made Coverdale get the money he spent on his divorces. For instance, Whitesnake’s 1982 song ‘Crying In The Rain’ was inspired by Coverdale’s divorce, and he reflected on the pain he felt during that period in the song’s lyrics.