Heart’s Ann Wilson Resembles Fame To Living In A ‘Little Prison’


During a recent interview with Eon Music, Heart’s lead singer Ann Wilson stated that she faced many difficulties being famous in the past, including feeling like she was living in prison.

Heart released the debut album ‘Dreamboat Annie‘ in 1975, eventually reaching high positions on charts and earning a double-platinum certification. Their singles ‘Magic Man’ and ‘Crazy on You’ gained recognition for their creators, Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. In the following years, Heart kept releasing successful records such as ‘Little Queen’ and ‘Dog&Butterfly’ in the late ’70s.

Apart from her works with the band, Ann Wilson worked with other notable artists, such as when she sang for Alice In Chains‘ songs ‘Brother’ and ‘Am I Inside’ In 1992. In addition to this, Ann and Nancy Wilson established a side band called ‘The Lovemonger’ and debuted with ‘Whirlygig.’

Heart gained success again with the eleventh album named ‘Desire Walks On’ released in 1993 by certified with gold becoming number 48 on the Billboard chart. The band put the new version of Dalbello’s 1987 song ‘Black on Black’ on the same album and reached number 4 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart. Their latest album was released in 2016 when they dropped ‘Beautiful Broken,’ consisting mainly of re-interpretations of songs from the band’s earlier albums.

As a member of one of the most successful bands, Ann Wilson mentioned the hardships of being famous in the past in a recent conversation. Wilson stated that it was challenging and fantastic at the same time. As the rocker explained, she worked so hard and lived according to some rules to secure herself.

For instance, as Wilson talked about, she should not have left the hotel after the shows to stay away from the potential risks. The singer added that living like this felt like a prison after a while, regardless of the fame and money, since the musician was obligated to have rules.

Ann Wilson explained in her words:

“Well, I don’t know how a person can ever really be ready for that. It felt good and glorious, but at the same time, there was a balance because it was big, heavy work, and focus, twenty-four / seven with security, and you had to live in this bubble of security and go back to the hotel after the show and be locked in because there were fans roaming the halls and stuff like that. So it became a prison after a while, so yeah, there was a trade-off there; you’ve got all the record sales and all the money and the fame and the glory, but then you live in this little prison.”

You can listen to Heart’s latest album below.