Rob Zombie Clarifies Why He Didn’t Release His New Album Even Though It Was Ready Years Ago

Singer and filmmaker, Rob Zombie, spoke in a recent interview with Revolver Magazine and talked about his upcoming studio album, ‘The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy.’

Back in October 2020, Rob Zombie released a song for the first time after four years, The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition) as a single of his upcoming album ‘The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy,’ which will be released in next month.

In the conversation, the interviewer asked if they did anything differently on this album, and Rob stated that they didn’t make any changes to the album because it was already finished years ago.

Furthermore, he explained why they didn’t release it before. Rob mentioned that he was filming the ‘3 From Hell’ movie, and he didn’t want to release it in the middle of the shootings because he couldn’t do anything to promote the album.

Interviewer asked:

“Did you do this any differently with this album? Like, is this a COVID record?”

Rob Zombie replied:

“No, it was already finished. It was done a couple years ago.”

Interviewer replied:

“Oh, really?”

Rob Zombie said:

“Yeah. I like to make records over a long period of time. We’d work for a while, then we’d go on tour. We’d come back, we’d work for a while, then we’d go on tour, just live with the songs.

And then just as I sort of thought, Oh, I’m going to put this out, we’ll get rolling, is when 3 From Hell, my last movie, got rolling. So I’m like, Well, I’m not going to put out a record while I’m in the middle of making a movie because I can’t do anything to promote it.

So I waited till the movie stuff was over, and just as we were getting ready to go again, that’s when the COVID stuff hits, and I’m like, OK, we’ll ride this out. We kind of looked at it and felt like, I dunno if we’re riding this out, could go on forever. I was like, Let’s just put the record out.”

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