Heart’s Ann Wilson Opens Up About Being An ‘Outsider’


Heart lead singer Ann Wilson recently joined the Hardcore Humanism With Dr. Mike podcast for an interview during which she reflected on feeling like an outsider and how she copes with this.

Ann Wilson recently made an appearance on the latest episode of the podcast ‘Hardcore Humanism With Dr. Mike.’ Throughout the show, she talked with the clinical psychologist and life coach, Dr. Mike Friedman, about how she coped with feelings of emptiness and handled her most painful sensations to discover her authentic self.

During the conversation, Ann Wilson stated that she came close to losing track of reality several times throughout her life because she had a broad imagination. Wilson then said it was hard for her to accept there is a single reality, and she has always questioned the nature of reality since she was a kid.

The singer said she disagreed with what people told her was the right way many times. According to Wilson, she was ‘a loner art student kid’ who spent her time with the other loner art student kids, not a popular or straight-A student. Moreover, Wilson realized she was different than the others at that time and decided not to fake it to blend into this reality. She then argued that many people have this same feeling.

Speaking to the Hardcore Humanism With Dr. Mike podcast, Ann Wilson said the following:

“There’ve been a few times when I’ve come really close to the edge of completely losing track of what we call reality, just because I’ve got this huge, broad imagination that’s always busy. For one thing, I’ve always had a really difficult time accepting the idea that there is a single reality.

When I was a kid, I even went, ‘What? What reality are they talking about? There are hundreds of them, and they’re all interconnected. Why is one more acceptable or more real than any other one?’

For instance, why is the dream state considered less than the waking state? Why do people go, ‘Well, you should get up and get out of bed because you’re wasting your life just dreaming all the time.’ The dream state, I think, is just another part of our consciousness; it’s just another room.”

She then continued:

“So, yeah, I’ve had many times when I could not agree with what I was being told was the right way to be. But I think of what it was like in high school, for instance, and sure, I was like a little loner art student kid who just hung out with the other loner art student kids, and was not popular, was not a cheerleader or a straight-A student, or anything like that.

Those were some of the times when I realized that, ‘Boy, I’m super different, and I just cannot fake it to be part of this reality.’ More people had that feeling than let on, I think, and they decide at some point that they’re going to fake it until they make it in reality or they’re going to be outliers.”

Apparently, Ann Wilson realized she was an outsider back when she was going to high school, and she decided not to fake it to escape feeling alienated. In this way, she connected with her true self and became an outcast.