Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe Admits Forgiving ‘Apologetic’ Andy McCoy

The two former Hanoi Rocks musicians, Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy rekindled their friendship when they decided to work on the 40th anniversary remaster of their second album, ‘Oriental Beat.’ Monroe shared with American Songwriter that McCoy’s remorseful attitude towards him made him forgive the guitarist for his previous behavior.

Hanoi Rocks’ initial plan was to remix ‘Oriental Beat,’ but a batch of recordings was discovered in a warehouse, so Monroe and McCoy went into the studio to fix them up. While the two were working on fixing the tracks, part of the work they did in the studio was filmed for Michael Monroe’s upcoming documentary surrounding his life.

“When they interviewed Andy, I hadn’t seen him for 12 years,” says Monroe. “He called me the next day, and he was, for the first time ever, apologetic and said he was sorry for being such a prick. Of course, I forgive, but it’s hard to forget all the horrible things, but then everybody has their flaws.”

The documentary set to release in 2023 allowed the two former bandmates to patch things up so much that Michael Monroe’s 60th birthday bash became a Hanoi Rocks reunion. Michael had planned to do a show at Helsinki Ice Hall on September 23rd to celebrate his milestone birthday with fans. The show was originally going to feature a Demolition 23 reunion.

However, Monroe had also asked Gyp Casino, a member of the original lineup of Hanoi, to be a part of the show. Not long after, McCoy called Monroe and invited himself to perform with him for his 60th birthday.