Billy Idol On Foreseeing MTV’s Revolution In The United States

Billy Idol recently recalled how he’d foreshadowed MTV’s power in the music industry while sitting down with the New York Post.

Idol first addressed how he’d seen MTV’s coming into the scene months before the channel’s launch:

“I did have an American manager, Bill Aucoin, [who also] managed Kiss. And he knew MTV was coming… This 24-hour cable music channel was coming that he said I was going to be perfect for. So, it was a bit like readying yourself for that as much as your solo thing.”

He then continued by recalling the era in detail and praising the New York rock scene at the time for ‘firing him up:’

“New York just had this great energy because anything went, you know. And it fired me up… just living through this kind of really humid, hot, hot summer. It was totally different to a summer in England.”

However, apparently, the only reason Idol considered NYC ‘hot’ wasn’t because of the humidity. The rocker said:

“Also, yeah, I felt like I was hot — you know, sexually hot — as well. I’m living in the clubs and meeting girls that way and sleeping with them and carrying on that rock and roll existence.”

Idol, who’s currently 67, is still carrying on with touring and releasing new material many years after MTV’s launch, as he released his latest single, ‘Bitter Taste,’ from the EP, ‘Roadside,’ in 2021. He’s also, as mentioned earlier, actively rocking the stage, as Idol is scheduled for a Las Vegas residency in October, followed by concerts in Mexico.