Ringo Starr Clarifies His Current Relationship With Paul McCartney

Ringo Starr recently sat down for an interview with CNN and shared his friendship with fellow Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney. Starr described McCartney as one of his closest friends, considering the fact that he is an only child, and also his brother. He said:

“Paul called me the other day … We’re close, close friends. We’re brothers, and you know, for me, it was great because I’m an only child, and suddenly I had three brothers that I could love, I could rely on, I could help out. You know, it was a great moment for me.”

Besides his relationship with McCartney, Starr also reflected on the Beatles’ success. He attributed their achievements to the brother-like chemistry between the four band members, stating:

“I think it was the spark between the four of us. We understood each other, and the music was important. It didn’t matter if we were having a row or whatever or a laugh; we all gave our best.

The music to this day, every generation has to listen to us, which is so great. You don’t have to love us, but you certainly have to listen.”

Starr also touched on his current tour with his All-Star Band in the remainder of the interview. After having to pause his North American tour last year due to testing positive for Covid-19, Starr expressed his excitement for returning to the road ready to give his all.

You can watch the full interview here.