Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose Shows Paul McCartney’s Importance To Him


Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose posted a new tweet on his official account after 4 months of silence and celebrated The Beatles icon Paul McCartney’s birthday, showing how important he is for him.

Axl Rose is known for not only his rock star persona but also the political statements he makes on his social media. Axl, who does not fail to show that he is following up closely on the country’s agenda especially with his several tweets criticizing the Trump administration, rarely uses his social media accounts for the last year.

As it appears, Axl Rose does not really use his Twitter account too, as he only posts on rare occasions such as birthday wishes or announcements. The last personal tweet of him dates to 4 months ago when he wished Duff McKagan a happy birthday, and before that, he tweeted nearly one year ago to encourage his followers to vote. Thus, this tweet of Axl Rose on McCartney’s birthday shows his importance to him.

Apart from that, talking about the list ‘World’s Greatest Singers’ made by Concert Hotels which placed him at the top of the list, Axl Rose told Spin that he was thankful for those who chose him for the first place in such a list and was flattered. Adding his opinions, Axl Rose said that if he was asked who his best singers were, his list would have consisted of rock singers mainly. Then he shared his favorites saying he would enjoy listening to them rather than listening to himself, adding Paul McCartney to the list as well.

Axl Rose’s birthday wish tweet was simple though:

“Happy Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney.”

You can see his tweet below.