Greta Van Fleet’s Danny Wagner Explains How He Got Into John Bonham And Led Zeppelin


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner talked about his introduction to Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham during a recent appearance on Lipps Service.

As you might already know, Greta Van Fleet founded back in 2012, and they are one of the unique bands that become famous in a short period. However, they are mostly criticized for sounding like Led Zeppelin.

In the conversation, the interviewer asked Danny when he first gets into John Bonham, and Danny mentioned the times when they were recording themselves in the studio.

While Danny was saying that he always listens to Bonham and Led Zeppelin even before the Greta Van Fleet, but getting to know Bonham started after he realized how hard it is to get that tone Bonham had.

Interviewer asked:

“At what point did you start getting into Bonham?”

Danny Wagner replied:

“I would say that was when we first – I always listened to Bonham too, Zeppelin was always one of the most played bands on the radio, and he was so intriguing.

I think my introduction to Bonham in that was when we kind of started recording ourselves, the little garage demos and things – because you realize how hard it is to get that tone that he had.”

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