Grace Slick’s Heartbreak After Having A Fling With Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison became a prominent figure in the rock scene as the lead vocalist of the Doors from 1965 until his passing in 1971. He impressed the audience by combining his unique voice and wild stage personality. The vocalist’s unpredictable stage performances were always on the agenda throughout his appearance in the music scene. Morrison reached a large audience with his musical character, and the people he attracted were not solely fans. The notable names of the rock world, including Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick, also admired him.

Grace Slick was an iconic name in San Francisco’s psychedelic music scene in the mid-’60s. She created successful works, especially during her career with the Grammy-winning band Jefferson Airplane. Slick and Morrison’s paths crossed during the 1968 European tour of the Doors and Jefferson Airplane. The vocalist’s first impression of Morrison was excellent, and they had an escapade in a hotel room. They even sang and hugged during Airplane’s set on tour. However, Slick felt disappointed as the frontman did not call her again after their fling.

Grace Slick’s First Impression of Jim Morrison

As Grace Slick revealed in a 2017 interview with Louder Sound, she was one of the many women drawn to Morrison. She stated that the frontman was not only attractive but also a bizarre person. According to her, it was hard to communicate with him due to his strange personality and heavy use of recreational drugs. Slick shared her memory of seeing Morrison in the motel hallway completely naked and barking like a dog while under the influence of acid.

Grace Slick revealed her admiration for Jim Morrison:

I liked Jim. Most women did. He was gorgeous, but he was so screwy – half the time, you couldn’t talk to him. He used himself as a human guinea pig to see how far you can push the human brain. I remember coming back from an Airplane gig in 1967 and going to the Tropicana Motel with Kantner, and Morrison was in the hallway, goofy on acid, stark naked, and barking like a dog. Paul just stepped over him and went into his room.”

When the vocalist was in the same place with Morrison, she was attracted to his distinctive personality like most women. Although it was difficult to converse with the frontman due to his odd nature, Slick and Morrison had an enjoyable day together in a hotel room during their 1968 European tour. However, the Jefferson Airplane vocalist was disappointed as Morrison did not call her again after their fling.

Jim Morrison Did Not Call Grace Slick Again

During the 1968 Doors and Jefferson Airplane tour, Jim Morrison and Grace Slick enjoyed their time together in the frontman’s hotel room. They had fun walking around and covering each other with courtesy hotel fruits. As Slick opened up in the same 2017 interview, she was highly impressed by his ‘well-built’ body. Following their escapade in the hotel room, the vocalist told him to call her anytime; however, Morrison did not call her again. Slick felt disappointed, thinking he had not enjoyed their time together in the hotel room.

Grace Slick shared her disappointment:

“Jim was a well-built boy. Larger than average. When I left, I said, ‘Call me if you want.’ And he never did. So apparently, I’m a terrible lay.”

Following this incident, Slick gathered herself and focused on their upcoming tour in Amsterdam. Before the Amsterdam show, Jefferson Airplane members purchased some substances and offered Morrison as well. While the frontman was under the influence, he hugged and sang with Slick during the band’s performance.