Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows Reacts To Taylor Swift Fans’ Backlash

It is widespread for artists to rerelease their previous albums by usually including a few more songs or introducing a new concept for the record. The fans are generally very eager to buy them as they see those albums as valuable collectibles. In a series of recent tweets, Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows addressed this issue and responded to Taylor Swift fans, who think the singer targeted Swift.

Shadows tweeted, criticizing some artists for abusing their fans with these new releases of the previous albums, “Selling multiple versions, repackages and bundles of your album to the same fan so that you can get a chart position that no one cares about and is manipulated should be called out for what it is…. fan abuse.”

Although the vocalist didn’t specifically name anyone, a Taylor Swift fan reacted to him by assuming that Matt had targeted Swift. The user wrote, “Taylor Swift would’ve topped the charts on streams alone (confirmed by the Billboard charts) but sure go off.”

Then, Shadows responded, “By the way, I wasn’t even talking about Taylor… Literally the furthest thing from my mind. We are getting ‘options’ from our label, but it’s all a cash grab (hence the tweet), but don’t you find it strange one fan base is so upset about my tweet, which names no one?” The singer also wrote, referring to Taylor Swift, “Hell yeah. A truly huge artist, and she deserves it.”

The Avenged Sevenfold frontman continued by trying to explain where he was coming from. He said, “I was actually trying to figure out how a bunch of little kids started commenting on my post… and now I see all of Taylor’s fans think I’m talking about her because they all bought multiples of the same album. Gotta love the Twitter cults! Hope they enjoy the PFP.”

M. Shadows made it clear with a series of tweets that he didn’t intend to target Taylor Swift, who recently released new versions of her previous records. In some of his replies, the singer also revealed that he enjoys listening to Swift’s music, and he actually addressed a general problem with the music industry.