Michael Stipe Doesn’t Have Any Regrets About Disbanding R.E.M.


R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe was recently interviewed by U.S.A. Today and shared his feelings about their disbandment.

The band was formed back in 1980, and they had been active for twenty years, releasing a total of fifteen studio albums. After dropping their last record back in 2011, ‘Collapse Into Now,’ the band announced their disbandment. Even though most of the fans wondered if the band would ever unite again, the band members dropped the question every single time.

In the interview with U.S.A. Today, Michael revealed if he has any regrets about disbanding R.E.M. and said that he doesn’t. The musician also touched upon the fact that it was a bittersweet decision because they were not only bandmates but also close friends, and have remained in touch with each other.

Michael Stipe shared his thoughts about disbanding the band in the interview:

No regrets, but of course it’s bittersweet. We all love each other and will be there for each other. We text on a daily basis. We just don’t create music as R.E.M. anymore.

In calling it a day 10 years ago, we did ourselves and our fans a giant favor by preserving a legacy and choosing to walk away when we were at a creative peak. We walked away with our heads held high.”

According to Michael, they did everybody a favor by preserving R.E.M.’s legacy when they were at their creative peak. Later in the conversation, Michael revealed that the road trips played an essential role in his songwriting. According to his words, he would find someone to drive with me most of the time.