Gojira Announces Tracklisting And Release Date Of Their New Album ‘Fortitude’

French metal band Gojira revealed the tracklist of their upcoming album named Fortitude by sharing a new post on their official Instagram account.

As you might already know, Gojira released their first Billboard-charting song in summer 2020, named Another World, and it was the clue that they are working on a new project.

Last month, Gojira revealed that they are releasing a new album named Fortitude, as well as releasing a new single from the album, Born For One Thing, which viewed over 2 million times on Youtube right now.

Today, Gojira remembered that Fortitude is going to be released next month and showed that the album contains eleven songs while revealing the tracklist of the album.

Here is what Gojira wrote:

“We are excited for you all to hear our new album Fortitude which will be released on April 30th. preorder now!”

Here is the tracklist of Fortitude:

  • Born For One Thing
  • Amazonia
  • Another World
  • Hold On
  • New Found
  • Fortitude
  • The Chant
  • Sphinx
  • Into The Storm
  • The Trails
  • Grind

You can check out the post by clicking here.