Glenn Hughes Picks The Singer Who Could Inherit His ‘The Voice’ Title

During a recent interview with Classic Rock, former Deep Purple vocalist Glenn Hughes talked about the new successful vocalists among young rock musicians. He picked a singer that could be his successor by earning the title, ‘The Voice.’

Having a career spanning over five decades, Glenn Hughes has been nicknamed the ‘Voice of Rock‘ by his fans. There are many reasons behind this epithet. Besides his rock-based vocals, the singer also has a soulful blues side, which adds a different tone to his overall vocal style and distinguishes him from the other prominent vocalists.

Hughes is also widely known for his tremendous vocal range, which allows him to be incredibly diverse during his stage performances. Thanks to his excellent control technique, his voice is still in such good form, which many appreciate and make him one of the best voices in the rock scene. Of course, every singer has their unique vocal style, and it is pretty hard to think of anyone that could replace them, but Glenn Hughes has an opinion on who could inherit his title.

During his recent interview, when he was asked whether there was anyone from the younger generation who could inherit his title, ‘The Voice,’ the singer immediately named Rival Sons’ lead vocalist Jay Buchanan. According to Hughes, Buchanan has all the qualities that he wanted to see in a singer. Hughes also revealed that he has been friends with the band members for a long time and is delighted with the progress of their sound over the years. He even described them as the ‘greatest rock band‘ in recent years.

When asked about who could inherit his title, ‘The Voice,’ Glenn Hughes replied:

Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons ticks all the boxes for me, as a great voice, entertaining lyricist, good melodies. He’s got it all. I’ve said this to your mag a bunch of times. Although they’re not new anymore, I’ve been friends with the guys in Rival Sons for twelve years, and I’ve listened to the progress. For me, they’re the greatest rock band we have.”

Glenn Hughes has been currently fronting two bands, Black Country Communion and The Dead Daisies. He also continues his solo career successfully. The singer will be hitting the road with The Dead Daisies for their European tour in the upcoming days. The tour will kick off on June 3, 2022, in Germany and finish on August 5, 2022, in Sweden.