Glenn Hughes Gives An Update On His Current Relationship With David Coverdale


Deep Purple icon Glenn Hughes unveiled whether he was still in touch with his former bandmate David Coverdale or not during his latest appearance on WRIF Virtual Rock Room. Hughes talked about Coverdale’s ongoing health problems that caused him to cancel shows.

The famous rock band Deep Purple has preserved its international popularity and commercial success even though it had to undergo several lineup changes because of creative differences, personal issues, and conflicts of interest between members. Therefore, critics, journalists, and fans categorized the eras as Mark I, II, III, and IV not to lead to any misunderstanding in terms of the lineup.

Mark IV era included singer David Coverdale, bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes, guitarist Tommy Bolin, keyboardist Jon Lord, and drummer Ian Paice. The tenth studio album ‘Come Taste the Band,’ released on November 7, 1975, was their last record before the band announced its breakup in 1976. Although Deep Purple was reformed and worked with several other musicians again, neither Glenn Hughes nor David Coverdale returned to the band.

However, this didn’t mean that Hughes and Coverdale ended their longtime friendship, as the bassist recently said they talked a while ago. Hughes highlighted that the singer is doing okay after he had to struggle with an upper respiratory infection. The Deep Purple icon was sure that Whitesnake would return to the stage as soon as possible following the recovery process. It can be understood from the bassist’s words that the two musicians have kept in touch and will be there to support each other.

Here’s what the host asked:

“Have you talked to David Coverdale recently?”

Hughes responded:

“Yeah, I spoke to him last week, and he’s doing okay. He’s recovering right now from some upper respiratory problems and having taken it easy. I think they’re going out and getting Europe at the end of the year.”

You can check out the interview below.