Glen Matlock Discloses The Sex Pistols’ Spot On Prediction Since First Day

The Sex Pistols‘ original bassist, Glen Matlock, recently appeared as a guest on BBC Radio Ulster’s the Stephen McCauley Show and reflected on the band’s relatively short but influential career. Matlock revealed that they knew from the first day that they had been changing the course of music.

Although they didn’t invent the punk rock genre, there is probably no other band than the Sex Pistols who contributed at such a level to the popularity of punk. Their powerful and aggressive music defined the ’70s rock scene and launched them into global fame. Glen Matlock had previously discussed Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s impact on the band’s formation.

As he had said, the couple’s clothing boutique, Let It Rock, had brought together the Sex Pistols members. In his latest interview, the bassist again appreciated their help encouraging them to form the Pistols. Regarding their very early days, Matlock said it was not much different from other bands. They were trying to find money to get a rehearsal place to develop themselves musically.

According to the rocker, it was a big chance that they all met through their connections with Westwood and McLaren. Then, the host asked Matlock whether they knew they were doing something radical at the time, and he said they were actually aware of that. They knew it was time for a change and were in the right spot at the right time.

Glen Matlock’s statements on what it was like with the Sex Pistols at the very start:

“When it was your last, it was a horrible racket because we were still learning. It was like trying to scrape the money together to get a rehearsal place. That was trying to find a rehearsal place that was strapping equipment around. There was what Steve was up to now. But I don’t think it’s much different from other bands back then.

The fantastic thing was that we all kind of met through the auspices of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood at a fantastic happening shop where every oddball, weirdo, nerdy person in London seemed to pass through to those on a Saturday afternoon who then went on to do something.”

When asked if they knew they were changing the course of music, the bassist replied:

“Yeah, I think we did, actually. We knew we were at the cutting edge in the right place at the right time. [I] don’t know why, but we did. It’s time for a change. We were encouraged by Malcolm and people like that who pretty much were all about ten years older than us and had been around a bit. Aged but helped us climb the greasy pole of punk music.”

Matlock admitted that they predicted from the very first day that they would have made an impact on the rock scene. Yet, he also appreciates the fact that being encouraged by people around them was really helpful in their way to success.