Paul Stanley’s Health Condition That Almost Cost Him His Career With KISS

You’ll never know what life will throw at you or how it will change your whole life trajectory. The best thing to do is, even if we’re born into hardship, to try to figure out ways to overcome our struggles and come out stronger from the other side. However, this takes a lot of courage as you need to take a leap of faith, not knowing what the outcome will be.

For someone like Paul Stanley, who was born with a facial deformity, microtia, which prevented his right ear from forming properly and left him deaf on the right side, it seemed unlikely that he would become the rocker he is. However, with baby steps and putting himself out there, he was able to accomplish what any artist could only dream of.

In his book ‘Face the Music: A Life Exposed’ Stanley talked about his journey with microtia. He wrote, “I was born with an ear deformity called microtia, in which the outer ear cartilage fails to form properly and, to varying degrees of severity, leaves you with just a crumpled mass of cartilage. That left me unable to tell the direction of the sound, and more importantly, made it incredibly difficult for me to understand people when there was any kind of background noise or conversation.”

Although he had started his journey in life with a significant setback, the musician managed to rise above it step by step. He first began by getting a spot in the choir for the glee club at his elementary school. The next step was growing his hair over his ears so no one could spot his ear and comment about it. These might sound like small wins for some, but they were wins that led to bigger ones for Stanley.

When he met his bandmate, Gene Simmons, and they kick-started KISS, it was an even bigger step in the direction the guitarist wanted to take with his life in the music industry. They booked their shows, played to the smallest crowds, and eventually reached the top, becoming one of the all-time highest-selling rock n’ roll acts.

This was no small feat, as Stanley had to undergo a series of five surgical procedures when he was 30 years old. In 2017, the singer underwent a procedure where Paul Stanley’s doctor removed pieces of cartilage from his rib cage and carved them into the framework of an ear, which was then ‘implanted with a series of skin grafts.’ This procedure gave the rocker a new lease on life, and he was able to continue his career.

Against the odds, Paul Stanley became the rocker he never thought he could be. Yet, he had the passion not to give up and the tenacity to get up when he fell. Just because we aren’t dealt with the best cards doesn’t mean it has to hinder us from reaching our full potential. Stanley’s journey, where he created his own success story, shows that it is possible if we want it bad enough and give it our all. So don’t quit before you have even started because you’ll never know what’s around the corner.