Gilby Clarke Recalls How He Chose To Be With His Daughter Instead Of Joining Guns N’ Roses Show


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke spoke in a recent interview with Tone Talk and recalled the time when he rejected the reunion offer from Guns N’ Roses.

As you might already know, Gilby replaced Izzy Stradlin back in 1991 and played for the band for three years. However, he didn’t attend the reunion tour that Guns N’ Roses started in 2016.

In the conversation, Gilby revealed that Guns N’ Roses asked him to join one of their shows as a guest and said that he needed to turn down the offer because of his daughter.

Gilby said that his daughter and her band were playing at Lollapalooza at that time, and Gilby wanted to be there for her on this special day as well as seeing her in such a place was so important for him.

Even though he really appreciated getting an offer from Guns N’ Roses, Gilby revealed that this is the reason why he couldn’t play with them because he was a roadie for his daughter.

Interviewer asked:

“I heard a story with GN’R’s recent reunion, that you were going to be part of that, or you were asked to be part of that but you didn’t because your daughter had a gig or something that was very important for your daughter. Is that true?”

Here is what Gilby Clarke said:

“Yeah, that’s true. They asked me to be a guest at one of the shows, and it just happened to be the day that I was in Chicago with my daughter, her band was playing Lollapalooza.

“It was great that they asked me to come to play with them. I just went, ‘Yeah, it’s wonderful and I’m not against it, I just can’t do it today. I’m her roadie.’

Well, she could do it without me but I wanted to be there, I just thought it was important to see her play at Lollapalooza, and of course, it was really important. And I told them, ‘Pick another day.’ But there was never another day.”

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