George Harrison’s Son Dhani Reveals New Project To Grow His Father’s Legacy

Dhani Harrison recently announced that his father’s legacy will continue to live on through Dark Horse Recordings, a label company that George Harrison founded in 1974. Dhani also discussed the steps he’d taken to grow his late father’s memory and music alive as he celebrated what would’ve been George’s 80th birthday.

Harrison’s solo catalog was moved to Dark Horse via BMG, and the transaction will allow the Beatles icons’ discography to meet its audience through his label company. Dhani was thrilled to announce the transaction on behalf of the Harrison family and estate, emphasizing that they would strive to release the most exceptional set boxes from George’s catalog.

He also expressed his desire for fans to join them while they delve deep into the rocker’s creative archives through their partnership with BMG. Dhani’s promises weren’t limited to this, as he also announced that they would release George’s back catalog via Spatial Records on Apple Music.

The musician concluded his remarks by wishing his father a happy 80th birthday and assuring everyone that the late rocker’s legacy was in safe hands, also hinting at the release of a custom limited vinyl collection. Thus, the transaction of George’s catalog to Dark Horse was only the beginning.

Harrison’s words on moving his father’s works to Dark Horse Recordings and keeping his legacy alive:

“22 years since his passing, for what would have been his 80th birthday, I am overjoyed to announce that we are bringing my father’s music catalog back home to Dark Horse Records, the company he started in 1974.

We look forward to releasing only the finest of packages and hope the fans join us on the deepest of dives into our archives as we continue to grow his legacy through our partnership with BMG, starting with the release of his entire back catalog in Spatial Audio, for the first time, on Apple Music.

We also will be using this opportunity to make all the custom limited vinyl that we can get away with. Happy 80th, dad! We love you always.”

It appears that Dhani is resolute in his determination to keep his father’s legacy alive, and the best way to achieve that was by transferring the Beatles icon’s solo catalog to Dark Horse Recordings, a company George founded and held dear. The Harrison estate also signaled upcoming releases, indicating that the timeless melodies of the rock legend would continue to resonate.