George Harrison’s Revenge On Ringo Starr After The Beatles’ Disbandment


Not many musicians go through easy disbandments as they are often derived from internal disputes, losing band members, or creative differences all of which can cause trouble to those who want to keep the band together. The entire process of splitting up can be much worse if your band happens to be one of the greatest artists of all time.

When The Beatles decided to break up, nobody including some of the band members was quite ready for the decision. Perhaps, the ending of the band affected lead guitarist George Harrison the most as his personal life also started to worsen following the disbandment. In fact, he wanted to take revenge on one of his bandmates, Ringo Starr, which was revealed by his former wife, Pattie Boyd.

The Beatles Split in 1970


After ten years of changing the entire music industry with their innovative style, impeccable songwriting, and revolutionary records, The Beatles lost the harmony between the band members as personal differences started getting in the way of their balanced work. The internal disputes and determined band members who wanted to go on their way, especially John Lennon, brought the inevitable ending of the band long before they announced it to the public.

After many weeks of their unofficial disbandment as Lennon announced his departure to the rest of the group on September 20, Paul McCartney filed suit for the dissolution of The Beatles’ contractual partnership on December, 31 1970.

However, legal disputes continued long after their break-up, and the dissolution was not formalized until December 29,  1974, when Lennon eventually signed the paperwork terminating the partnership. This marked the official and legal ending of The Beatles which wasn’t easy for every member.

George Harrison Had An Affair With Ringo Starr’s Wife


George Harrison’s ex-wife Pattie Boyd opened up about her relationship with The Beatles icon in a conversation with Starts at 60 back in 2018. What started as a fairy tale for her thanks to Harrison’s kind and loving personality ended in a divorce, especially due to Harrison’s attitude after the band broke up.

According to Boyd, their marriage began to deteriorate around the same time trouble started within The Beatles. Harrison struggled with his anger towards his fellow bandmates which ultimately ended with him cheating Boyd with Ringo Starr’s former wife, Maureen.

While she was with Harrison, Boyd knew she had feelings for Eric Clapton with whom she later married. However, her dedication to her husband overpowered her feelings which is why she didn’t act on it. Yet, Harrison embarked on an affair with Ringo Starr’s former wife Maureen. Pattie reflected on this affair in the interview and stated that Harrison was mad at his bandmate and he slept with Starr’s wife possibly with the feeling of revenge.

According to Starts at 60, Boyd said:

“He was mad at them. That’s why he cheated with Ringo’s wife.’

The former bandmates actually didn’t end their relationship on bad terms before George Harrison’s tragic passing on  November 29, 2001, due to cancer. As Ringo Starr revealed during an interview, he was by Harrison’s side at the hospital during his treatment which meant that their friendship overcame a split and an affair.