George Harrison Once Revealed The Two Best Guitarists In The World, Bill Wyman Recalls

There are plenty of arguments regarding who might be the best guitarist in the rock scene. Everyone has their picks, from Jimi Hendrix to Eddie Van Halen, and it seemed that George Harrison also had two favorites. During a new chat with Classic Rock, The Rolling Stones‘ former bassist Bill Wyman recalled how George named his picks for the best guitarists when he asked the late musician for a favor.

In the interview, Bill shared several memories with different artists he worked with, including his collaboration with George Harrison in Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings’ 2001 record, ‘Double Bill.’ Wyman revealed that he had offered Harrison to play one of the guitar solos, to which the guitarist initially refused by stating that he already had the best.

“George played on one of the Rhythm Kings albums just before he died,” recalled Bill. “I phoned him up and said, ‘Can you do a guitar part on this track?’ He went, ‘What are you calling me up for? You’ve got two of the best guitarists in the world in your band – Albert Lee and Martin Taylor. What do you want me for? I only play one note.'”

“I said to him, ‘George, that’s the note I want.'” told Wyman, explaining how Harrison had accepted his offer. “He said, ‘Alright then. Send me the tape.’ Which I did. And his guitar part was great.”

“Afterwards, he wrote me a lovely letter,” added the bassist as he discussed how George had thanked him. “After I’d sent him a present of the Marc Chagall book I did, thanking me for asking him to do it. He signed it, ‘Bert Weedon.'”

George Harrison was considered an excellent guitar player but also had his favorites. He refused Wyman’s offer for him to play in his record as he stated that Bill was already working with amazingly talented musicians. Although Harrison called Albert Lee and Mick Taylor the best guitarists in the world, Wyman still wanted his unique talent.