Genesis’ Mike Rutherford Admits They Had Concerns About Phil Collins Being Seated On Stage

Despite the health problems Phil Collins has been facing for the last ten years, his band Genesis created a suitable environment for him to continue performing on stage. However, recently the band’s guitarist and bassist Mike Rutherford confessed that they had doubts whether their efforts to make Collins perform comfortably would work out.

Collins has been struggling with health issues for a while now, but his most serious condition that put his music career at risk was when he dislocated a vertebra in his upper neck. Unfortunately, the band’s singer and drummer had to go through an operation which caused nerve problems.

As a result, he wasn’t able to play the drums effectively, so he focused on singing during their shows. Even when he sings, he has to use canes to stand up or sit down during the show. This could be surprising for the audience as Phil used to be the one running around, which was the band’s initial concern.

Mike Rutherford recently addressed his bandmate’s issues and confessed that they weren’t sure if it would work. After trying it out, they were convinced that there were no problems at all. Even in that condition, Collins could still please the crowd thanks to the use cameras and big screens.

Here is how Rutherford addressed their new modifications on stage for Collins:

“We all discussed Phil having to stay seated early on because he used to run around the stage so much. And we said, ‘Is this going to work? Is it going to be good enough?’ And I think absolutely it is.

He’s coming on very strong, actually. We have sort of big productions, screens, cameras. He commands the room, really, when he talks in between songs. He’s still very much there. Even though he’s static. It’s his character and the way he sings. It still works.

The band is doing whatever they can to keep their bandmate on stage for as long as possible, yet, according to Collins, their current tour will be his last one. As he has taken up vocalist duties during their shows, his 20-year-old son Nicholas has replaced him on drums to keep the band going.