The Reason Layne Staley’s Mother Sued Alice In Chains Members


Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley succeeded to become an international rock star with his incredible musical talent. He had an impressive and special vocal range and besides his fascinating voice, he was also a good songwriter and performer. Staley deeply saddened many people with his tragic death on April 5, 2002, while he was only at the age of 34.

Staley’s passion for music started with percussion when he was 12, and then continued with drums in his teens. In 1984, he joined a rock band called Sleze founded by a few kids from high school, later on, the band changed its name to Alice N’ Chains. However, Alice N’ Chains soon disbanded and Layne Staley decided to found a funk band with Jerry Cantrell. So, Alice In Chains was ready to take its place within the music industry.

Alice In Chains produced six studio albums and starting from their debut album ‘Facelift’ released in 1990, the band achieved great success. They received eleven Grammy Award nominations and went up to Billboard’s top ten songs several times. Although the success he had with his band, Layne Staley battled with drug addiction throughout his career. He performed his last shows with Alice In Chains in 1996, and his depression and drug use escalated in the later years. And his death also came from a drug overdose despite his several attempts to stay clean.

Layne Staley Net Worth $5 Million


Well-known vocalist and lyricist, Layne Staley had a net worth of almost $5 million dollars when he passed away in 2002. Throughout their career, Alice In Chains sold over 14 million records in the U.S. and more than 30 million records worldwide. Their international fame also enormously contributed to their wealth.

Layne Staley also collaborated with different bands and appeared in other projects throughout his career. He contributed to Heart’s ‘Desire Walks On’ album with a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Ring Them Bells.’ Staley then participated in Second Coming’s debut album ‘L.O.V.Evil’ as the lead vocalist. He also supported some film soundtracks on vocals with his moving voice.

Layne Staley’s Death Led To A Legal Battle Between Alice In Chains And His Mother


The mother of Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley, Nancy McCallum sued legal action against his son’s former bandmates for not receiving future royalties in 2013. After Staley’s death, Alice In Chains continued their musical career without him. Nancy McCallum claimed that the members of the band owed her half of the money that Staley would have had. It is equal to 16 percent of the band’s total income.

The lawyers of the band claimed that McCallum had already been paid much more than needed and according to the agreement, the royalties would continue another ten years after his death, and apparently, ten years had already passed when his mother sued the band. McCallum claimed that she wanted to protect his son’s legacy, however, the band didn’t agree. They stated that McCallum doesn’t have a right in their business affair.

The band’s lawyers stated that McCallum has already been paid royalties for the songs Staley wrote or co-wrote. Their lawyer Peter Paterno said in court that Staley’s share was actually less than the amount paid to his mother so far. The attorneys also implied that if McCallum doesn’t give up the lawsuit, they can also sue her back.

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