Genesis’ Tony Banks Addresses Phil Collins’ Decision To Retire From Touring

Genesis is preparing to put a full stop to their touring career after their final tour, ‘The Last Domino?’ Their drummer and singer, Phil Collins could not join the tour due to his health problems, and in a recent interview with the USA today, the band’s keyboardist, Tony Banks, talked about Collins’ decision and stated that the tour might not mark the band’s end.

Phil Collins has unfortunately been going through some health issues for the last ten years. The most life-changing issue was when he dislocated the vertebrae in his upper neck and had to go through an operation. This operation caused some nerve problems, and Collins couldn’t use his fingers effectively, which is crucial for a drummer. However, he continued performing with Genesis even though he often had to sit down or use canes to stand up and sing.

Collins continues to sing on their tours, and thanks to the camera angles, the audience doesn’t realize that he is seated. His 20-year-old son Nicholas replaced his father on the drums and formed great sync with Genesis. However, Phil recently stated that this tour will be his last one as his age and health problems don’t allow him to continue anymore.

Because there is a question mark at the end of the tour’s name, the fans deducted the idea of a possible reunion in the future. On Collins’ end, this is not a high possibility, but, according to Tony Banks, you should never say never. The tour they planned was already extended because of rescheduling due to COVID-19. Thus, the band is focusing on finishing that first before moving on to other projects. Banks stated that their disbandment will take longer than predicted, but once they do their final show, it will be over for Genesis.

Here is what Banks stated about whether they will tour again:

“I think it is. We’d always say never say never, but there comes a point. I haven’t toured myself since 2007, and thought, why not? It’s fun, it will get me off my (butt). But with the pandemic, it has extended things longer than intended, but it’s been great fun to do. We’ve having to do some stuff later because of COVID, but when we do the final show next year, that will be it.

Genesis’ previous tour was in 2007, and the band took a long pause before they announced their final tour together. Collins thinks it’s time to sit at his home and rest. However, Banks and other members are not giving up on Genesis after the tour but want to get off stage when they feel satisfied and like all their work is done and well-served.