Gene Simmons Updates Fans After The Pyro Accident In KISS’ Concert

KISS is still on the road for its ‘End of the World’ farewell tour. During their latest show in Berlin a few nights ago, a minor mishap on stage frightened not only Gene Simmons but also the audience. The singer took to Twitter to thank his bass technician for handling the situation in time and wrote:

“Berlin last night. Sold out. Slight mishap. Thank you, Berger, my Bass Tech, for clearing the stage.”

During the show, as Gene was doing his performance with his fire-breathing stage-torched sword, it fell to the stage floor and caught on fire. As flames rose and the stage started to fill with smoke, Simmons’ bass technician Berger stepped in to put out the fire and clear the stage.

Gene has been through a fair share of accidents on stage during his tenure with the band, including the very first time when he accidentally lit his hair on fire on stage during their New Year’s Eve performance with Iggy Pop and Blue Öyster Cult in 1973. The rocker recalled that day and shared:

“So, we are doing the very first show (featuring the fire-breathing segment). We’re fourth on the bill on a real concert stage. It’s Blue Oyster Cult headlining, New Year’s Eve, and Iggy Pop, and we were opening. It was a month before the first record even came out. Nobody really knew who we were. So, we get out there. It’s the third song we’re doing, ‘Firehouse.’ It’s time to spitfire. I catch fire right away. The audience goes nuts.”

You can read Gene Simmons’ tweet and watch the clip below.