Gene Simmons Chooses The Only KISS Moment He’d Want To Relive

Gene Simmons revealed to Piers Morgan that if he could travel back to any KISS career highlight, it would be their debut show at the Academy of Music in New York City. Here’s what Simmons’ recalled about that day:

“I would choose the beginning. The very first time we ever got up on stage fourth on the bill, New Year’s Eve 1973 in New York City. My heart was pumping like nothing you ever saw because you have to understand when you come from the loins of the people, you know, come up on the streets, and you see these sort of god-like figures on stage having the time of their lives.

Being adored, plumbers don’t get that even the Pope doesn’t get knickers thrown in his face. He might, but I’m going to get in trouble, but this astonishing lifestyle, and I was never the best-looking guy and all that stuff, but soon as you start strumming the guitar and, of course, sticking out my prodigious oral appendage, boom!”

Gene reminisced about their industry debut show when they shared the stage with Iggy Pop and Blue Öyster Cult on New Year’s Eve in 1973. Simmons even told ‘Let There Be Talk’s Dean Delray that it was the first time he accidentally lit his hair on fire on stage:

“So, we are doing the very first show (featuring the fire-breathing segment). We’re fourth on the bill on a real concert stage. It’s Blue Oyster Cult headlining, New Year’s Eve, Iggy Pop opening, another band called Teenage Lust – a New York band, and we were opening. It was a month before the first record even came out. Nobody really knew who we were. So, we get out there. It’s the third song we’re doing, ‘Firehouse.’ It’s time to spitfire. I catch fire right away. The audience goes nuts.”

Since that performance, Simmons has been enjoying living the rock star lifestyle, as he explained to Morgan:

“It’s nonsense. How would you like to have more money than you know what to do with and have more adoration? Oh, I forgot you’re Piers Morgan; you get that every day.”

You can watch Gene Simmons’ interview with Piers Morgan and listen to his interview with ‘Let There Be Talk’s Dean Delray below.