Gene Simmons Supports Elon Musk Defending Tesla’s Investments In Electric Vehicles

KISS’ Gene Simmons recently got involved in a Twitter conversation between Joe Biden and Elon Musk. After Musk got frustrated over Biden ignoring Tesla’s influence in America, Simmons supported Musk and explained why Biden might be ignoring the company.

Gene Simmons is known for being a rocker on stage and an entrepreneur behind the scenes. With Paul Stanley, they have transformed KISS into a brand, ensuring that they will have a business even after they stop performing music. For instance, the bassist recently announced that they have started working on a KISS museum.

Recently, US president Joe Biden tweeted about how local car companies like Ford and GM have invested in building electric cars and became two of the most prominent investors in that area in the country. In this informative tweet, he didn’t mention the famous company Tesla, and its CEO Elon Musk noticed that.

He replied to Biden’s tweet by giving Tesla’s figures and proving that the company mas invested more than double of what Ford and GM made in total. Simmons agreed with Musk and stated that Biden ignored Tesla because it’s a non-union. He also showed his support by saying they should give Musk and Tesla the credits they deserve.

Here is what Biden tweeted:

“Ford is investing $11B to build electric vehicles—creating 11,000 jobs across the country. GM is making the largest investment in its history—$7B to build electric vehicles, creating 4,000 jobs in Michigan.”

Elon Musk replied:

“Tesla has created over 50,000 US jobs building electric vehicles & is investing more than double GM + Ford combined
[for your information to the person controlling this Twitter].”

Simmons defended Musk as follows:

“Actually, Elon Musk makes a solid point to press Joe Biden. The President doesn’t mention Tesla, perhaps because Tesla is non-union and moved to Texas, a ‘right to work’ state. Give Elon Musk/Tesla its due. They are game-changers and should be heralded.”

You can have a look at the tweets below.