Gene Simmons Shares Opinions On The ‘God-Like Keith Richards’ While Comparing KISS And The Rolling Stones

KISS bassist Gene Simmons opened up about the reason why the band decided to perform their farewell tour during a recent appearance on Triple M Rock, and apparently, it’s the heavy gear that has been the main issue unlike Rolling Stones members of who wears casual clothes and becomes ‘god-like’ such as Keith Richards.

As many of you know, KISS members decided to go on a farewell tour named ‘The End of the Road World Tour‘ which started on January 31, 2019, and is currently an ongoing tour because of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the fact that the band has been one of the greatest, most influential, and best-selling artists of all time, fans always want to know the reason behind their decision to quit playing music.

During most interviews, band members were often asked and answered questions about their reason for making the final tour and both bassist Gene Simmons and frontman Paul Stanley revealed multiple times that it’s mainly because of the hard work they have to put in for every single show which includes a heavy stage outfit, not like others.

Gene Simmons, once again, was asked about ‘The End of the Road World Tour’ during a recent interview and he stated that it’s indeed the end of the road simply because of the stage outfits that weighs forty pounds as well as the heavy guitar and high platform heels that have to be worn for every single show on top of the age factor.

While revealing how hard it’s to put on a show after decades of wearing those extremely heavy outfits, KISS bassist compared to the band to Rolling Stones and stated that it’s easy to perform when wearing a sneaker and shirt just like ‘god-like’ Keith Richards do while stressing the fact that he’s a fan of the Stones, but facts are facts.

Here is what Stanley said:

“We are literary the hardest working band out there. The Rolling Stones are older, I will say that, but all you have to do to be in the Stones, respectfully, and I’ve always been a fan, is wear some sneakers and a t-shirt and you’re done. You can stand still, you can be the God-like Keith Richards which is strong, you are fun, you don’t have to break a sweat. I’ve got to walk around in a forty to forty-five pounds of armor, twelve-pound guitar, eight-inch platform heels.”

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