Coldplay Releases A 10 Minute Long Prog Rock Single, Coloratura

Coldplay’s newest single ‘Coloratura‘ has been released on YouTube along with its announcement on Coldplay’s official Twitter account.

On July 20, Coldplay posted a tweet announcing the release date of their new album ‘Music Of the Spheres’ and also revealed that the album track ‘Coloratura’ will be released on Friday, July 23. As promised, the track premiered on YouTube as a lyric video and collected a lot of admiration from their fans receiving over 1 million views in only three days.

Phil Harvey, the creative director and ex-manager of the band, announced the song’s release on Coldplay’s official Twitter account while thanking their fans for their kind words. Harvey also expressed his gratitude for two names, Pilar and Victor, who helped them with the production of the recently shared lyric video.

Here is what he said:

“Thank you for all the kind words about ‘Coloratura’ and thank you, Pilar and Victor, for taking us to the furthest edge of The Spheres. PH.”

The 10-minute album track received a lot of positive comments. Although it is quite long, numerous fans stated that it didn’t even feel like 10 minutes and that they actually felt sad when it ended. Moreover, many users claimed that this is the best thing Coldplay has released since 2008. Considering this claim, ‘Coloratura’ is apparently better ‘Paradise,’ which was released in 2011.

These comments sparked the thought that maybe this song could be considered one of their legendary tunes in the future. The users also said that the song took them to outer space which proves that Coldplay’s initial goal of creating an album that feels extraterrestrial has been a success.

You can see the tweet and watch the official lyric video below.