Gene Simmons Says The Usual Gigs Are Child’s Play Compared To KISS’ Record-Breaking Live Show

KISS bassist Gene Simmons opened up about the band’s record-breaking performance for New Year’s Eve performance during an interview with Guitar World, and apparently, the iconic bassist thinks the band can pull off a normal show easily since they have been nearly impossible shows for decades thanks to being a hard-working band.

As many of you know, while much of the world was spending New Year’s Eve separated from one another in quarantine, KISS blew everybody’s mind with a live streaming performance in Dubai. The band performed one of the highest production live stream experiences of the Covid-era, with a 250-foot stage, 50 surrounding 4k cameras, performing outdoors from Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel.

As expected, the performance lived up to the fans’ expectations, if not, even exceeded when KISS broke two Guinness World Records during the New Year’s Eve performance for the highest flame projection in a music concert and for most flame projections launched simultaneously in a music concert.

Here is what a Guinness representative told the band:

“I can reveal that you achieved a grand total of 73. You are officially amazing. As for the height of the flame projections, the new benchmark is now 35 meters.”

During a recent interview, Gene Simmons was asked about breaking the world record for most pyrotechnics at a gig and it wasn’t a surprising celebration for the KISS icon since the band has been known for its extravagant live performances including stage outfits that weights incredibly heavy, legendary make-ups, and impressive stage props all of which is a product of the band’s hard work according to Simmons.

In addition to this, Gene Simmons stated that the usual live performances can be considered an easy occurrence when compared to the New Year’s Eve performance in Dubai which was a visual satisfaction at its best according to nearly every fan.
Here is what Simmons said:

“Yeah. People think it’s about beer, no, the Guinness Book Of Records isn’t about beer – they keep track of records. The usual gigs are child’s play compared to the Dubai thing. Usually, there is a ceiling, but here you can go 100 to 300 feet above the stage, and we did.

No one really talks about it much, but the enormous heat from the 40 big projectiles we had was just scary, I have to say. I will say one thing. No matter how difficult it is, we are the hardest-working band in show business, but we do have an awful lot of fun. I have more fun than the Pope does!”

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