Gene Simmons Reflects On Newly Released Videos Of U.S Capitol Attack, ‘Traitors, All!’


According to a recent tweet on his Twitter, the KISS legend Gene Simmons shared his thoughts on the chaotic attack at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, defining the attack as a shame and disgrace.

As you may recall, a group of Trump supporters rejected his poll defeat and attempted to disrupt the joint session of the United States Congress which was assembled to count electoral votes as a final step to confirm Joe Biden’s victory.

The riot happened on January 6, 2021, at the United States Capitol in Washington. For hours, the Capitol complex was occupied and vandalized by the rioters while the staff and lawmakers were evacuated from the building. As a result of the attack, five people died, one was shot by the police, one was died related to drug abuse and three died of natural causes along with 140 people being injured.

According to the tweet by The Associated Press, body camera footage has recently surfaced in which a man is seen attacking a police officer during the riot with a flag pole as well as some rioters crushing another officer to a door as he screams in pain. The footage has been released at a time when Republican lawmakers are trying to play down on the riot, defining it as a peaceful protest in general.

Gene Simmons has also seen this tweet and commented upon the news, saying that it was a shame and disgrace, calling the rioters traitors. It can be seen on his Twitter that he is closely following up on the incident, also commenting on another tweet on the recently released body camera video, saying they are traitors.

Simmons also retweeted a video tweeted by CNN on the issue of GOP members who voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals to the officers who defended the Capitol, along with other tweets concerning the attack.

Gene Simmons’ recent tweet is as follows.