Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy Explains How It Felt Performing In Front Of Eddie Van Halen


Alter Bridge lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Myles Kennedy opened up about his fondest memory with late Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen during an interview with Ultimate Guitar, and apparently, it was the time when he and his son Wolfgang Van Halen came to a show and the three hanged out in backstage.

As many of you know, the legendary vocalist Myles Kennedy often speaks about how influenced and inspired by the iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen at an early age during multiple interviews. The moment Myles heard the monumental track, ‘Eruption’ for the first time, his interest in Van Halen’s music was heavily increased just like everybody else.

Here is what Kennedy revealed:

“When I was in my early teens, I heard ‘Eruption’ one day and was like, ‘That is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard,’ and I begged my mother to give me an advance on my allowance for the next month and go buy that record.”

During a recent interview, Alter Bridge frontman revealed the time when he first met one of his musical heroes, Eddie Van Halen. Apparently, it all happened when both his band and Van Halen were in Baltimore in 2008 for a show and Myles Kenny got to see all Van Halen members, except the lead vocalist David Lee Roth, doing their soundcheck before the show which was a thrilling experience for him.

Here is what Myles Kennedy said:

“You know, I didn’t spend a ton of time with him. I met him once and then I got to see Van Halen’s soundcheck with the Alter Bridge guys probably in 2008 or so. We were in Baltimore and they were as well, so we got invited by Wolfie to go watch their soundcheck. That was great.

As far as specific memories that jump out, it was probably just sitting on the floor, watching Van Halen do their soundcheck. David Lee Roth wasn’t there – it was just the three of them and I was just totally freaking out.

If someone told me when I was 13 years old, that I would be able to sit in this completely empty arena and watch Van Halen prepare for a show, I would have been blown away. It was everything I could have wished for, so that was awesome.”

In addition to this, Myles Kennedy revealed the time when Eddie Van Halen and his son Wolfgang Van Halen actually came to watch Alter Bridge in the House of Blues in Los Angeles. While the two came backstage after the show to hang out, Kennedy tried to keep it together while his icon, Eddie was already extremely chill and cool.

Here is what Alter Bridge vocalist said:

“A few years later he came to a show with Wolfie – we were playing the House of Blues in Los Angeles and he came backstage into the dressing room and hung out for a little bit. He was totally cool – it was everything I could have hoped for.

He was just so laid back and chill. Any time that I’ve had the opportunity to meet these massive influences, these icons, it’s always trying to pull the reigns on my fandom and not tun into Chris Farley when he was interviewing Paul McCartney. I have to tell myself, ‘It’s Eddie Van Halen, but just play it cool, man.'”

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