Gene Simmons Makes Controversial Remarks On Women While Dismissing The Cancel Culture

During his interview with Talking Vax, KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared his ideas and perspective on the personality of women and he stated that he wouldn’t give up on his ideas even though he realized that he would face serious backlash and maybe cancel culture.

In a world where women have been constantly abused, insulted, beaten, and regarded as the secondary sex by the patriarchal society, people especially celebrities who have a serious effect on others must be careful about their words. Mostly many rock stars reflected their support for the freedom and equality of women through their projects and social media posts.

The movement of ‘MeToo’ made everyone really understand what was going on in the music and movie industry. However, Gene Simmons continued to share his sexist and overgeneralized comments about women even though it was time to support them, especially shortly after Bill Cosby’s overturning. He stated that women only care about men’s money and fame without feeling the love. He also said that women constantly demand everything from men.

In his interview, Simmons emphasized that he stood his every word about women even though people would define him as sexist and misogynist. In addition to his controversial statements, Simmons also thought that cancel culture prevented people from even making jokes and led to losing their jobs and he wanted a ‘go fuck yourself’ hashtag as a reaction to cancel culture, just like Kevin Hart previously said.

In Simmons’ words, he said:

The more money you have, the more chicks will like you. Pull up in a beat-up old Volkswagen and ask a young lady if she wants to go grab some baked beans and a hot dog, or pull up in a Rolls-Royce and say, ‘Get in, I’m taking you wherever I want to go.’ What do you think what’s she going to go for? She wants to be treated like a queen.

Two guys are talking and two girls are talking – I know women are hating that I’m telling the truth – two guys are talking, one guy says to the other guy, ‘Hey, I’ve got a blind date for you.’ So his friend naturally says, ‘What does she look like?’ That makes sense because that’s our biology, that’s our DNA.

The two girls are talking, ‘I’ve got a blind date for you!’ ‘Really? What does he do? What kind of a car does he have?’ I don’t give a fuck what kind of a car she has, I don’t care if she pulls up in a stinky old garbage truck. I only care if she’s attractive.

Well, there’s a difference. Men want sex, they want some companionship – not too much, you don’t want to be smothered, you want peace and quiet, stuff like that – and women want everything! Everything! All the time!

And do you know why men die younger than their beloved? Because they want to. Now, none of this applies to Shannon, my wife. No way, she is the exception to every rule, in fact, she does not bear fools lightly. Here’s another one, it’s going to get me in trouble. Ask me how I am…”

He continued:


See? We’re done. If I ask, not all women on the face of the planet, but some, ‘How are you?’ ‘Well, when I was a child of four, I forgot to say that… Then it was good… Then 10 years later…’

Even after you’re dead, they will stand over your grave, ‘When you were alive…’ Shut up, I’m dead, I’m gone! I’m only saying that because it’s funny but true.

If you’ve got money, they will not care. You can go and Google Sofia Loren – at her most beautiful, she’s still my goddess, I’ve got a pass on her. When she was, 1920, coming out of the water and marriage Italian style, or it might have been divorced Italian style with Marcello Mastroianni, and all the water and the clothes are clinging to her, and that figure, and the face, and all that…

And she, by the way, had liaisons, I’m told with Cary Grant and Clark Gable and all the stars that she played with. Take a look at what her husband looked like – Carlo Ponti. He was the most powerful filmmaker and clean on top, a shorter man, not a fashion plate but I’m sure she loved him. Women want that power, that prestige. And they take her last name, they still do. It’s tough for them to go with the… I can’t say Abdullah because somebody’s going to get fucking pissed off.”

Simmons added:

“I love what Kevin Hart just said about cancel culture, he said, ‘Go fuck yourself.’ Maybe that’s the right idea, maybe we should all start using the hashtag ‘go fuck yourself,’ or ‘it’s my opinion.’ But you can’t because people lose jobs if they say something.”

You can watch the interview below.