Gene Simmons Honors Troops And Veterans With His Military Tribute Show

KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently shared a post on his official Twitter page celebrating Memorial Day with footage from the time when he performed to honor the troops of the United States in Iraq during a USO tour of a Marine base and the video gives goosebumps to all the audience.

As many of you know, Gene Simmons has always been known for his incredibly supportive attitude for the Unites States military from every troop to every veteran throughout his music career, encouraging people to educate themselves about the military. There was one time when he made a trip to the Pentagon after a service member attending a concert invited him to visit the building and during his visit, he opened up about his gratitude to the American military services.

Here is what Simmons said:

America sacrificed above and beyond anything you’d ever imagine by going overseas and fighting multiple wars when we really didn’t have to go. We’re surrounded by oceans and landmasses. We can stay here and let the world go to hell, but we don’t. We go out and sacrifice. … Only the military walks the walk.”

Due to the fact that the admiration and gratitude of the KISS bassist is a widely known fact by his fans, it wasn’t a surprise when he performed as a tribute act for the military of the United States during a USO tour of a Marine base years ago which was a touching performance considering the emotion Simmons carried throughout the show.

Recently, Gene Simmons shared a post on his official Twitter page celebrating Memorial Day just like every year and stated that the citizens of the United States should remember the sacrifices made by the military members in order to keep the country safe and free as she shared his performance from the military tribute.

Here is what Simmons said:

“This Memorial Day and every Memorial Day, never forget the ultimate sacrifice our men and women in uniform have made to keep America free. Never forgotten!!!”

You can see the Twitter post and Gene Simmons’ military tribute performance below.